Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

We compared two of 2018's most ambitious flagships. Xperia XZ3, Galaxy S9 Plus

In recent years, Sony has not been involved in the competition on the smartphone market and wants to change it. Xperia XZ3, Sony's new design concept, is also the first product of this effort. The Xperia XZ3, the company's newest flagship, is quite ambitious this time. Now let's compare the Xperia XZ3 with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, one of the biggest competitors.


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Following radical design changes with Sony's Xperia XZ2, The XZ3 offers the user a slightly improved version of the same design concept. With the XZ3, the design achieves a much finer lower and upper frame than its predecessor, making it "approaching" the present day conditions.

Both phones have very good designs. However, the Galaxy S9 Plus is in front of the XZ3 in terms of design with its sleek looks and slim frames.


Both phones come with an OLED display that looks great. The 6-inch Xperia XZ3 with a 1440 * 2880 resolution screen is one of the best devices on the screen today. The 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus's screen is "off the table" very well. Sony has succeeded in capturing Samsung in terms of display in 2018.


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The interface is pretty good on both phones. The interface offered by Sony is a bit closer to the pure Android experience, while Samsung's interface Samsung Experience is a bit more functional. However, the choice here is entirely up to you.


When we look at the camera side of the Sony Xperia XZ3, we see a single camera setup at 19 MP f / 2.0 as in the previous model. HDR video recording and 960fps slow motion video recording, the XZ3's camcorder still looks a bit behind today's flagship.

It will be more accurate to comment after the first tests of the Xperia XZ3's camera are revealed, but still Samsung looks a bit more assertive.


Both phones get their power from the Snapdragon 845 platform. (Also available Exynos 9810 Galaxy sold in the S9 Plus in Turkey.) Technical specifications with regard to a real 'flagship' certainly regret not make the purchase when the two devices. The two phones, which are very close to each other in price, are your choice, but in terms of camera and design, Samsung stands a little ahead.