Sony's Next Generation Virtual Reality Kit Revealed

A new patent was issued by Sony in February. The patent shows Sony's next-generation virtual reality set for PlayStation 5. What the product will offer to gamers is currently unknown.

Japan-based technology giant Sony is working on a new member of PlayStation, the world's most popular game console. For PlayStation 5, which became official as of yesterday, a patent was issued by Sony last February. This patent includes a VR set that can be used on the PlayStation 5.

Sony's patent for the past months was issued by LetsGoDigital, the company's patent for the developer kit for PlayStation 5, which was subsequently confirmed. This patent reveals the plans of Sony's virtual reality set for PlayStation 5.

Sony Patent

Apparently, Sony wants to get rid of the cables to a large extent with the PlayStation 5. This is because the patent is Bluetooth-connected. The deduction here is that the virtual reality set Sony has prepared for the PlayStation 5 has an internal battery. However, the number of hours that this battery will provide uninterrupted gaming experience is currently unknown.

Pictures shared about the patent reveal that Sony's new virtual reality glasses have two cameras on the front and one on the back. In addition, users can wear headphones if they wish. In addition, this virtual reality set has a built-in microphone.


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There are still many unknowns about Sony's new virtual reality set. Moreover, the 3D drawings of the product have not yet emerged. However, it is certain that Sony has created a completely different gaming experience for gamers, and gamers will only be able to see what the PlayStation 5 will offer them in the last quarter of 2020.