Sony’s PS3 Consoles Banned

Most users’ PS3 consoles are banned due to stolen user information due to security breaches Sony experienced in 2011 and 2014. Some users’ consoles are restored, while others are still unusable.

Sony is currently offering its newly released PS5 and new generation games. while focused some of the company in old technologies problems started to occur. Recently We reported that Rockstar will close GTA Online servers for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.. But this time it’s a bit more serious.

Although Sony discontinued its support in 2017, it is still with a large player base users of the PlayStation 3 console, locking and banning facing the problem.

It all actually started in 2011

PS3 first generation

The root of this problem is in 2011 A Sony company security breach. In the security breach in 2011, hackers, The entire security system of the PS3 system and disclosed its vulnerabilities. In this way, any user can change the PS3 software as he wishes; even pirate games It could run on PS3. In our country, this eventBreaking the PS3” was called.

After the emergence of the security systems of PS3 consoles in 2014 Sony, second experienced a security breach. In this case of violation user information of millions of PS3 players had been stolen. This attack took place thanks to the information from the old attack.

PS3s are banned

Playstation 3

Years after these events 2021’in Nisan per month TheWizWiki Spanish Youtuber named after millions of consoles due to PS3 security leak will be banned stated. Giving details about the subject, YouTuber, a hack-related DarkWeb on the forum that the serial numbers of all PS3 consoles have been distributed explained.

In the past days GUDGER666 PSN user with username, PS3 console’s by Sony said it was banned. Check that the PSN profile is not banned and from other PS3 consoles. You can easily access your profile. the user describing what is prohibited the console itself said that. No games and applications were running on the console, only the Netflix application was opening. In addition, in different forums around the world tens of thousands The user started to state that they had the same problem. Most PS3 consoles regardless of model banned and the game becomes unplayable was coming.


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Some users 24-72 seconds while some users can use their consoles again in still can’t use consoles. by Sony yet no official statement has been made.