"Source 2 is coming to CS: GO in a few days"

Popular game developer Valve is expected to bring the Source 2 game engine to CS: GO on May 18. However, with a new claim, it was suggested that the game engine will come to CS: GO much earlier, but it will not meet the expectations of the players.

Valve, one of the largest video game developers in the world, is the new game engine Source 2 It was announced in 2015. Valve's new game engine was started to be used in Dota 2 shortly after its announcement.

With the introduction of the game engine in Dota 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players began to wait for CS: GO on the day of the same game engine. However, this wait is not over yet, even after 5 years.

Source 2 was claimed to come to CS: GO on May 18.

CS: GO Source 2

Source 2 has been allegedly released in Weibo, China's social media network,On May 8 It was suggested that he would come to CS: GO. Since it was frequently discussed that Source 2 will come to CS: GO recently, this claim was likely to be true.

Founder of Valve News Network YouTube channel VNN Tyler, in his last video, revealed new information about Source 2's arrival on CS: GO. Tyler said that the arrival date of Source 2 to CS: GO will be much earlier than expected, while what the game engine will bring to the game will not meet the players' expectations.

CS: GO Source 2

VNN Tyler in CS: GO after Source 2 update graphics He said he would not change much, as expected. Tyler added that after the upgrade, the game's graphics will remain 95 percent the same, as there is no graphical update on maps like Dust 2, as well as maps like Dust 3, as players expect.

The famous YouTuber, the transition to Source 2 map makers He said it would be useful for. According to the comments, the game's popular map makers FMPONE and ZooL will be able to offer better maps with the new game engine.

After Source 2 came to CS: GO, like in Dota 2, open beta It was claimed that the release of the beta version will take months to reach all players.

CS: GO Source 2


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The most important claim that VNN Tyler made regarding the Source 2 game engine to CS: GO, game engine about the arrival date. Saying that he received information from reliable sources, Tyler said that Source 2 will officially come to CS: GO in a few days. Allegations seem to make CS: GO players excited for Source 2 both happy and unhappy.

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