South Korea to meet on crypto money regulation in the National Assembly

 South Korea will meet on crypto money order in National Assembly
South Korea will meet on crypto money order in National Assembly

South Korea's political elites will be increasingly concerned about crypto currency industry enthusiastic about getting it under. According to the Korean Times, the bill proposals came from various political organs, and crypto-currency regulation will be discussed this month at an extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

Various ruling politicians such as the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, the main opposition Freedom Party (LPK) and the small opposition Bareun Mirae Party argue that the time has come for the crypto currency to get serious. They decided that the main priority in this regard was, in general, the exchange of cryptographic currency, the regulation and monitoring of ICO and Blockchain technology.

Arrangement of crypto money from South Korea

The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) is planning an investigation into crypto-shopping security. Song Hee-kyung, the main opposition party LPK, stressed that protection of personal data should be avoided, money laundering should be avoided and, most importantly, change should be supervised to prevent security violations.

The fact that all proposals do not translate into the actual laws of the Constitution, but that the crypto money plays an important role in the law, the National Assembly's cryptography projects are closer to being more accepted than ever.


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