Special production similar to World War II planes Ford Mustang

Race pilot Vaughn Gittin Jr.

About a month before that, Ford will be racing pilot Vaughn Gittin Jr. during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. announced that it will design a special 2018 Ford Mustang GT developed with The company only published a teaser picture that day, but eventually it published all the photos and details.

Race pilot Vaughn Gittin Jr. , a fighter-like design used in World War II and a supercharged V8 engine in 700 horsepower. The inspired theme of the Second World War is a Spitfire used by the Royal Air Force.

There are a few reasons why this plane is chosen as the basis for its car. First, an aircraft fleet has been preferred to an auction to benefit the Experimental Aircraft Association.

As well as being painted in the shape of a hunter plane, Mustang also has a carbon fiber wide body kit from RTR company of Gittin Jr., special grilles, lights and rims . The seats are made of brown leather and black suede upholstery. On the back of the seat is the Eagle Fleet emblem. In particular, the cold details include a special aluminum badge made of a real Spitfire metal, and the shift pad carries a piece of the metal top F-35 Lightning


This special Mustang has an impressive performance as others. Ford has achieved a 700-horsepower and 610 libre-torque rating on the 5.0-liter V8, with a six-speed manual transmission. The suspension consists of RTR anti-roll bars. On July 26, an auction will take place at the fundraising event of the Experimental Aircraft Association in Wisconsin, and the highest bidder will own this private car.