Spiderman will no longer be in Marvel movies

The agreement between Disney and Sony on the use rights of Spider-Man has come to a halt, according to reports from Hollywood. The friendly hero of our neighborhood, Spider-Man, may soon be seen in a universe separate from MCU.

Comic book publishers, who had a hard time in the 90s, succeeded in surviving that period by selling the film rights of various characters. Marvel characters, belonging to different producers for many years after re-gathered under the roof of the MCU. Looks like Marvel's family bliss on the big screen is coming to an end.

With the acquisition of Fox, Disney was able to incorporate large-scale productions such as X-men and Fantastic Four. So no great Marvel hero was left outside the studio roof.

Marvel won't be able to shoot Spider-Man


Sony and Disney have disagreed about sharing the character of Spider-Man, and Marvel Studios will no longer shoot Spider-Man.

This came after Sony re-released Spider-Man: Far From Home, which became the highest-ever Spider-Man production of all time. The film, which overthrew $ 1 billion, was in disagreement over producer rights.

A Sony representative said in a statement on the issue that they simply believe the issue has producer rights and that negotiations are under way. In addition, Kevin Feige'in other Spider-Man-centered films, but the name of the said said.

The main point of discussion here is money, as expected. Disney received a small share of Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, but was entitled to use the character in their own films. Disney has now offered to split half of the winnings in solo Spider-Man films, but Sony hasn't even responded.

According to reports, two new films for Spider-Man are in development, and both films will feature director Jon Watts and Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man.


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Sony is building its own Spider-Man universe


Spider-Man's success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is reflected in Sony. Productions such as Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which came from the hands of the Japanese firm, were a great success and the sequels of both productions will be shot.

Rumor has it that Disney and Marvel were planning to make the partnership bigger by helping each other in these films. As a result, Disney wanted more than Sony's share.


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Apparently, Sony believes that its brands are large enough and that their productions will be successful, if not Feige. Time will tell if this belief is real or not.

From the point of view of Marvel, the lack of Spider-Man in the heroic squad, which is almost inflated in the new era, does not constitute a major problem on paper. Nevertheless, Spider-Man is the world's largest superhero brand.