Spin Master Games Announces Board Game Titanic: The Game

Spin Master Games, known for games like Heads Up and Escape Room: The Game, has unveiled the new board game Titanic: The Game. The board game, which will go on sale on August 1, promises to give the fans of the movie Titanic full of nostalgia.

Usually played on a flat surface, by moving the game pieces within the framework of certain rules. table gameswas especially popular in the 90s. With popular games of the time, the development of technology and the emergence of new generation video games old its popularity Although he has lost, he still manages to attract the attention of nostalgia lovers.

One of the companies that are aware of this situation Spin Master Games is a new board game that will attract the attention of both nostalgia lovers and Titanic fans. Titanic: The Game It has announced. The company, which entered the vision 23 years ago, thinks that the Titanic will still be marketable today, with the new board game, nostalgia full promises moments.

What kind of game is Titanic: The Game?

Titanic: The Game

As many as possible from the Titanic before the ship sinks passenger recovery In this board game based on the logic, the ship itself is 4×9 in total 36 tiles placed on a field. One of the tiles in each round is to show that it is underwater reverse Translating. At this point, players save passengers before the ship sinks to get as many points as possible, lifeguard He has to compete with each other to collect boots and materials.

The actors also used to create nostalgic moments from the original movie. special cards in the game he can collect, from nine rounds then the player who saves the most passengers and gets the most points becomes the champion. To complete an average game in the board game where the special abilities of the characters can be upgraded half an hour to an hour takes between.


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Titanic: The Game, which may be of interest to enthusiasts of board games On August 1 will be available for sale. Spin Master Games, the developer of the game, is known for its various complex board games, such as Heads Up and Escape Room: The Game, which it previously released. This is more than the Titanic game looks like complex means it can happen.