Spotify Artist Fund Collection Feature Turkey İyzico

The world-famous music platform Spotify, with İyzico use the funds from the Collection property in Turkey today is going to cooperate. Thus, people can donate directly to the artists.

Many artists due to the coronavirus pandemic in times of need He had stayed. Due to factors such as canceling concerts, curfews, many artists, from digital services and the income from album sales.

Spotify During this period, he was not indifferent to the problems experienced by the artists and Artist Fundraising had introduced the new feature called. The number of payment platforms where this feature is available has been increasing since then.

It is possible to support artists with Iyzico


Starting today on Spotify In Turkey to donate to artists through fundraising İyzico Can be used. In our country, platforms such as PayPal whether This step seems to be useful for many artists.

Scandinavian firm for artists affected by the virus’s results alternative sources of income had worked to create. The publishing platform held talks with stakeholders to support artists and created possible sources of income.


One of Turkey’s most important initiative İyzico, Sold 165 Million Dollars

Spotify users who want to support their favorite artists since April Close to 90 thousand donated. Total number of clicks 7 million She found. The Artist Fund Collection feature of the platform serves as a global infrastructure.

Spotify aims to protect artists


Artists thanks to the new Artist Fund Raising feature to their profiles it can also add a donation button. So with artists who want to support themselves or their team, fans can come together. In order for these donations to be collected, the payment means must be in the country where the artists are located.


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in Spotify The artists who want to add this feature to their profile are quite simple. Admin user, board on profile From the “Start” tab at the top, the artist can activate the fund raising feature.

Spotify, which aims to protect artists from the negative effects of the pandemic, Covid-19 Music Assistance Project He had established a fund matching platform called. The value of the fund was 10 million dollars.

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