Spotify Tests Voice Activated Ads

Spotify is testing the voice-activated ads that could significantly improve the user experience in the future. Within the scope of the application, which aims to encourage users to voice control the application, users can access the ad content they are interested in with voice commands.


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Spotify is performing at least for voice-enabled ads only for in-app content ads. In the first two advertised ads, users are redirected to a sponsored playlist created by the Ax brand of Stay Free: The Story of the Clash and a Spotify Original podcast

. The user can access the playlist or the podcast in the ad content. If there is no command, the playlist continues after the ad.


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Voice-activated ads are a good way to interact with ads when users are engaged in sports, driving, or performing any activity that the Spotify interface cannot reach. It should be noted, however, that the feature is currently only available in the US and is limited to in-app ads.