Spotify’s ‘Only You’ Feature Released

The ‘Only You’ feature of Spotify, which presents your music taste in the form of a story and offers you a special playlist based on the artists you have listened to, has been shared. You can enter the application and browse your own music taste.

Offering different experiences to its users from time to time Spotify We recently learned that you can listen to music on Apple Watch devices without the need for an iPhone. With this innovation, Spotify, Apple made its users very happy. Stating that innovations such as virtual concerts are on the way, the company said to its users:Just you‘ feature, allowing them to see what they’re listening to and access lists created specifically for users’ data.

When entering the application on the home page ‘Only You’ feature available; the artist you listen to the most Your sun sign As an artist, choose the artist that most appeals to your emotional or vulnerable side. your moon sign and an artist you’ve recently discovered. your ascendant shows as. Come on, funny comments about the feature from social media accompanied by Let’s talk about other details.

Your dream dinner with your favorite artists

‘A story that you can interact with’Dinner‘, you are listening one of 3 artists It asks you to choose three times. When you choose three artists, the table is prepared and the 3 artists you choose 3 separate playlists is offered to you. You can add these lists to your library if you wish.

Spotify Only You Feature

Artist couples When we come, we see the diversity of music tastes. Two completely different artists you are listening to are shown and “Who but you listens to A first and then B?”, the user’s unique music experience is shown to him.

When we come to the sections related to time, we can tell you according to the release years of the songs we listen to. the intervals between which we wander is showing. Besides ‘Moments That Tell MeThe ‘ section displays a specific song you’ve listened to at a certain time of the day.

Last we heard podcast and song genres by reviewing genres we listen to the most welcomes us. Just enter the Spotify app to experience the You feature. If it is not found on your home page, click ‘Only YouYou can access the feature by typing ‘.

Fun reactions from social media to Spotify’s ‘Only You’ feature: