Sprint takeover: T-Mobile US postpones its 5G expansion

T-Mobile US will postpone its 5G expansion to 2020. This is reported by the online magazine Wireless Estimator citing industry circles. As of last Friday, contractors received phone calls from T-Mobile US managers stating that they would postpone their new build and 5G upgrades until 2020.

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One contractor told Wireless Estimator that the canceled orders for its midsize business accounted for approximately $ 700,000 and that it was unable to generate additional revenue.

A spokesman for T-Mobile said it was not a nationwide shift, but merely an adjustment of investment costs. Wireless Estimator he said: "We continue to invest billions to aggressively expand our network, expand LTE coverage and performance while laying the foundation for a broad, nationwide 5G network in 2020. That will not change."

The planned merger of Sprint and T-Mobile US was the implementation of the transaction by the approval of the US Department of Justice has come a great deal closer, said Telekom CEO Tim Höttges on August 8, 2019. But over a dozen US states complain against the Project. T-Mobile US does not want to complete the takeover because of the legal risks, which can take months to complete.

According to a T-Mobile construction manager who asked for anonymity, the group had expected the merger with Sprint to be completed by June or July with at least $ 1 billion available for the 5G network. The shift is attributed to the 15 Attorney Generals and the District of Columbia, who have filed a lawsuit. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the only Republican to join the lawsuit.