Star Trek 4, Two Star Game Lost

There was a big break in the 4th movie of the Star Trek series.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth left the Star Trek series 4 film due to some disagreements with Paramount Pictures, claiming that two major players were charging higher fees.

In the previous 3 Star Trek films called 'Kelvin Timeline', Capt. Pine, who plays Kirk, has had this sera since 2009. Hemsworth was among those expected to play Kirk's father in the final film. Following this departure, the producer began looking for new names for Filmin.

The Hollywood Reporter took part in blockbuster movies such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe of two actors or the Star Wars series of Disney as a result of this split; claimed to work at much higher rates. The Star Trek movie, which earned less than the other films we talked about, failed to meet the financial demands of these two actors.


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It is claimed that the production of Star Trek's fourth film will continue. Filmin director S.J. Clarkson is the first female director of the Star Trek series. In the Star Trek movie, which lost two important players, it is curious to know who will be replaced by these players.