Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Can Be Published Soon

The trailer for the next film of the Star Wars series Episode IX was to be released at the annual Star Wars Celebration in April. According to rumors, the new trailer can meet the audience a lot earlier.

Disney has a considerable number of brands and products. These include Marvel and Star Wars, two of the most popular series. These two fictional universes, in which Disney almost stood upon it and took steps to make it richer with each passing day, were two of the company's major revenue items.

We'il be back. This year, the first trailer of the new film was expected to be released every year at the Star Wars Celebration

Making a trailer for the new movie, according to Star Wars, is now available. It is not known whether this fragment is the final version of the first fragment to be published. However, it is also true that Making Star Wars has very accurate theories and news about this universe. It is necessary to approach the news with suspicion, but it is not wrong to assume that a fragment exists.

The current trailer may not be the fragment to be shown. It is said that very few people see the video and therefore there is not much information about the content of the video. There are also several images allegedly from the shooting of the new movie. These images show that the Black Park in the UK is covered with a white substance. This may be snow, salt or ash.

Mark Hamill, who is remembered for his role as Luke Skywalker, is currently in the UK and reviving his role in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episode IX will be at cinemas on December 20, 2019.


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