“Star Wars: Squadron”: EA space battles

With “Star Wars: Squadron” Electronic Arts has announced a new space shooter, which is to be launched later this year. “Squadron” is intended to offer players an authentic pilot experience in the Star Wars universe – on PC and Playstation 4 also with a VR mode.

Announcement trailer for “Star Wars: Squadron” (Source: EA)

“Star Wars: Squadron” is supposed to be controlled from the first person perspective and takes place at the end of the galactic civil war, ie after the original trilogy. The focus of the game is a multiplayer mode in which 5-on-5 battles are fought. EA also promises a single player part with a story campaign that will play after the Battle of Endor.

In 2020, the E3 will take place purely digitally. Developers like CD Projekt, Sony and Nintendo are showing their games in a live stream instead of on stages. heise online collects the most important new announcements and developments.

The first trailer released does not show any gameplay scenes. However, the video trailer demonstrates that both sides of the Star Wars war, i.e. the empire and the rebels, will be playable. The game is developed by Studio EA Motive, which previously worked with Criterion and DICE on “Star Wars Battlefront 2”.

Space battles in the Star Wars universe were recently made possible by EA in certain playing cards from “Star Wars: Battlefront 2”. Many fans still wanted a real pilot game in the style of the classic “Rogue Squadron”, “Tie Fighter” and “X-Wing”.

“Star Wars: Squadron” will be released on Steam, and versions for the Epic Games Store and Origin are also planned. The game will also appear on Xbox One and Playstation 4 and support crossplay.

EA plans to release more information on Star Wars: Squadron at its EA Play event on June 18. The first gameplay material is also to be shown there. EA currently indicates October 2 as the release date. According to the press release, “Squadron” will cost 40 euros, which is below the current price for blockbuster productions. The comparatively low price suggests that the scope could be a little smaller.


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