Star Wars Theory vs Disney / Warner Chapell: What Happened?

Star Wars movie Vader recently released on YouTube and brought the world-wide voice;

Star Wars fanfare Vader: Shards of the Past One of the stars of the Star Wars fans met with great appreciation. Star Wars Theory, which attracts the film itself, made an agreement with LucasFilm, the owner of the Star Wars brand to shoot the film. According to the agreement, YouTuber, who could shoot films about Star Wars and Vader, would not be able to use mass funding in any way, and he would not be able to make money from the film after he published the film.
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Star Wars Theory released the film on YouTube after spending over $ 100,000 for the film. As soon as the film was published, he received great interest from the fans. This film, which received more positive reviews than Disney's films, showed people what they wanted to see. While Disney wanted to expand the brand and move away from the Skywalker myth, it was clear that fans' demand was different.

After the film was released, Disney and its producing partner, Warner Chapell, said in a movie that part of Imperial March was in a scene. demanded the rights of the film. YouTube would then advertise on film and the money would go directly to Disney and Chapell. Although Star Wars Theory hired a composer, it was found out that his music was still able to pass to Chapell as he was inspired by the Imperial March.


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Here is a point to clarify. Although Warner Chapell is the main claiming firm and Disney among the claimants, Disney has to write because of EMI's rights there. The source of the problem, in fact, is the rights of Imperial March, Werner Chapell. The company is so wicked to claim such claims that when they hear the least of their songs, they run and claim a claim. There is the fact that the firm has even submitted a claim by saying eb They used our songs at 0% dav to a video without music. Star

Star Wars Theory did not object to this claim in order not to risk his channel and not to deal with the material and spiritual burden of any case. Star Wars Theory, who said that the event was never money, said that he would probably not risk the complete removal of the video as a result of a lost trial.

At this point, Reddit, who never get along, could not only go to sites with only a few friends on social media from sites like 4chan. until everyone reacted to the situation. All Star Wars fans took their places alongside the Star Wars Theory.


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At this point LucasFilm was like returning to Anakin Skywalker, who threw Palpatine into space and brought balance to power. LucasFilm lifted the claim that Warner Chapell put on the film with the power he got from being the muş owner ini of the song. The movie has been re-turned into ad-free. Disney remained angry, while Warner Chapell pissed off a whole bunch of fans in exchange for a few dollars into his pocket.

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