Starbase (STAR) Token Nedir?

Elon Musk, who managed to turn the crypto money market upside down with his Tweets, shared his Starbase article this morning and enabled the token with the same name to gain 400 times its value. So what is this Starbase (STAR) token?

Again, the crypto money market is a unit that folds hundreds of times in a few hours and again Elon Musk. This combination sounds familiar, right? As we understand today, we will continue to hear more about this trio. Earlier Dogecoin’i Elon Musk, who threw into space and ruined the market with a single word these days, did not stop.

Elon Musk included a single image in his Twitter post this afternoon without any explanation. This image was a lighted sign located near the rocket launch facility in the state of Texas at the billionaire businessman’s company SpaceX. If this is on the sign “STARBASE”Statement was included. With Elon Musk sharing this Starbase isimli token flew in an instant.

Starbase (STAR) spiked:

elon musk

Before Elon Musk’s tweet shared at 12.25 $ 0.005391 Starbase at 14:00 0,2272 saw the level. So the value of the token, in just two hours 4.114% increase lived. In other words, the unit Over 400 times valued. Unit, in the minutes we write this post At the level of 0.06715 wandering. The current price is 1186% valued compared to the pre-Tweet price.

The rise of Starbase today was not actually a peak for the token. The unit saw $ 1.6 on February 10, 2018. If the market value at the time the peak is only 481.93 was full. If the current market value of the cryptocurrency after its current rise 500 thousand 585 dollars.

So what is this Starbase (STAR)?


According to the statement on the website, Starbase is a blockchain token-based crowdfunding / funding platform. Using Starbase, innovative startups can raise money and crowdsource by issuing blockchain tokens. Starbase mainly focuses on token issuance, fundraising, and reward payments for startups and investors.

When we look at the website of the token, it says:Towards a future of easy innovation – with blockchain crowdfunding and token payment –“Meets the statement. Sharing is not often posted on the token’s official Twitter account. Between shares intervals lasting months We can see that. This and the scarcity of shares on Starbase’s blog page gives us a not a very active project is showing.

So what’s Starbase’s relationship with Elon Musk?


If we think only in terms of words, there is an important relationship between Starbase and Elon Musk. Billionaire businessman, On March 2 in the state of Texas, the area where SpaceX’s private rocket launch facility is located. that you want to build a new city had explained. Of this city be named ‘Starbase’ had expressed what he wanted.

In the blog post dated March 24, which was shared by Starbase on their website, this situation was stated as “If Elon Musk said, who would say no? The billionaire wants to build a new city in Texas called Starbase.”Is expressed in words. But apart from that, between the token and Elon Musk there is no direct relationship in sight. So, at least based on what we know now, we can assume that Starbase gained value only through its name.


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A similar increase was seen when Elon Musk used the word Starbase in March. The token, which circulated at $ 0.0008507 a day before the announcement and had only $ 11 in market volume, is as much as today when the announcement was made. it had not experienced a big increase. In the following days, the market volume increased to more than $ 25 thousand, the value of the token reached 0.00225 (164% increase).