Starbucks Pipet Decision to Benefit the Ocean

Plastic wastes, a major problem for the world and the oceans, are now being reduced. Starbucks will stop using the pipette after 2020.

In almost every restaurant, the pipettes that come in contact with us are actually more dangerous plastic wastes than we thought. This situation, which has become a problem for the world and the oceans, is now being tried to be reduced by some conscious brands.

If you think that the company is using pipettes in hundreds of thousands of days, this will have a much bigger impact than you might think, as Starbucks, who made a big decision on this issue, announced on Monday that they would stop using plastic pipettes at 28,000 stores around the world. We know that plastics are harmful to nature. But in 2015, Christine Figgener, a marine biologist at the University of Texas & M at the University of Texas, showed a sea turtle into the nostril. This image, which has been watched more than 30 million times since its publication, has been a pioneering step in forbidding pipettes.


            Starbucks Announces No Pipet After 2020

This pipette decree, which can only block 4% of the pollution in the country; all iced coffee, tea and espresso drinks as a standard. Thanks to the decision taken by Starbucks, which is an example of many other companies, famous chains such as McDonald's have made a similar decision