Statement About The Purpose Of The Game From Valorant Developers

The developers of Valorant, which will be the new FPS game of Riot Games, made several statements about the main goal of the game and its effect on the FPS world. The developers announced that the game has a goal to 'expand' the FPS world.

Surprisingly announced by Riot Games at the 10th anniversary celebration Project A, we came up with a brand new name the other day. The new name of Project A, which is said to combine Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive dynamics in a single game Volarant as explained.

Riot Games shared some information about Valorant just a day after announcing the name of his new game. Game director of Valorant who gave an interview to Eurogamer Joe Ziegler and the creator Anna Donlonmade statements about the development process of the game.

Riot Games plans to expand the FPS genre:

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Joe Ziegler and Anna Donlon explained how Valorant will 'expand' the FPS genre. Returning to the first days of the FPS projects, Ziegler said that the developers especially focused on the shooter game. Ziegler said, “The power to run the project was actually familiarity with this area, and above that will expand more than anything else it was the desire to create something"He made a statement.

According to Ziegler, the developers preferred to approach the project with passion and inspiration, not just to gain a place in the FPS world. How the developers of Valorant are in the FPS world with brand new ideas that they can push the limits and thought to be inspired by examples that have gained name in this world.

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Anna Donlon from "Counter Strike" for her projects on this subject it should be better " or "half of Overwatch’s player base must put it in your own hands " He stated that they did not set targets like. Donlon said that their goal was to remove the game and develop it with a growing audience.

Ziegler, who compared the production they will release with Blizzard's Overwatch, why some players prefer to play Overwatch and why others prefer their own players. they foresaw He said.


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The highly anticipated new FPS game from Riot Games, Valorant, In the summer of 2020 will be released. You can browse this article to access Valorant's minimum and maximum system requirements and many details about the game.

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