Steam Library Reaches 30,000 Games

The biggest gaming platform, Steam, now hosts over 30,000 games

. As a result of its years of experience with its users, Steam has reached a total of 30,000 games in the library last week. It is stated that dozens of DLCs in each game – in total 21,000 DLC on Steam – and additional software don't participate in this issue.


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According to the information on the Steam game distribution platform in 2018, a total of 9,300 games were broadcast in 2018, while in the previous year 2017 there were 6,700 games on the same platform. Based on these data, Steam's 53% increase in just one year shows that it continues to expand its library quickly.


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There is no definitive estimate of whether Steam's growth will continue or not, but in 2019 more than 10,000 games will be released on the Steam platform. If Steam maintains the same expansion momentum, it seems that the other game will be overshadowed by its distribution platforms.

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