Stem Cells Can Be Used in Dead Dental Treatment

A recent study showed that stem cells taken from milk teeth can be used to treat dead teeth.

Scientists have discovered that stem cells from milk teeth can be used to treat molars in children who have not yet grown up.

The regenerative nature of stem cells that can be used to treat, in a clinical study of 30 patients in China, allowed scientists to restore the soft inner tissue of patients' teeth


In this new technique, the stem cells were cultured in a labaraturvar and then transferred to the damaged tooth.


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Results obtained after the application showed that blood flow increased in children who underwent stem cell transplantation, the bone was thickened and a healthier root development was achieved. One year later, it was noted that only those treated children had lost the feeling that was lost in their teeth.

One of the children, unfortunately, had to pull their teeth because they caused the same tooth to be damaged again; however, this allowed researchers to re-examine the female. In the teeth of the teeth; It was seen that the cells that helped the formation of dental pulp and the formation of blood vessels were reconstructed.


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Although all these studies have yielded quite positive results, it is certain that further research is needed in this regard.