STM Kargu-2 Becomes the First Drone to Perform a Self-Attack

The commission formed by the United Nations for Libya presented the report it prepared after a long period of one year. According to the report in question, a Turkish-made autonomous drone named STM-Kargu 2 made history as the first unmanned aerial vehicle to attack on its own initiative without any orders.

The United Nations submitted reports of a conflict in Libya to the Security Council in March last year. In the report, for the first time in history, a drone of Turkish origin may have committed an attack on his own initiative. took place.

Turkish origin drone named STM Kargu-2, without any orders He organized an attack against the putschists in Libya. This attack, which developed completely based on artificial technology, how secure is artificial intelligence brought the question to mind.

It is unclear whether there were any casualties.

stm cargo-2

According to the report prepared by the United Nations Security Council, Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj, in March 2020 Operation Peace Storm It was stated that he ordered the use of the drone named STM Kargu-2 against the putschists affiliated with Haftar. In the report, “Hafters, who were withdrawing with their logistics convoys, were remotely intervened with deadly unmanned aerial vehicles such as STM Kargu-2” statements were included.

The attack in question completely destroyed the STM Kargu-2. realized with its own autonomous features and the drone itself find, follow and lock thanks to its feature, it can detect any without human command attacked. The report states that there was no injury or loss of life after the attack. not clear It was emphasized that the incident was the first attack carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles on its own initiative.

After the report prepared, Human Rights Watch stated that artificial intelligence and autonomous attacks are extremely dangerous. ban the development of fully autonomous weapons called for it.

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