storage2day 2021: I / O performance in the data center

Next week she will lead iX-Conference storage2day is continuing its conference program with Storage Performance Day. On April 20, administrators can expand their knowledge of storage performance in the data center and focus on the screws to improve their I / O. Because today the challenges are no longer in the procurement of sufficient computing power and storage capacity. Bottlenecks mostly occur with I / O, especially in mature environments and especially when high latencies occur.

Nowhere do theory and practice, desire and reality drift as far apart as in I / O. On the one hand, there are new media technologies and connections such as NVMe, which promise to eliminate bottlenecks and speed up throughput, on the other hand, there are performance drops in practice that can only be exposed and repaired through extensive troubleshooting fix are.

On May 12th, storage2day will continue its spring program 2021 with May 12th: Storage Architecture Day.

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