Streaming: Apple Music integrated into Porsche Taycan

Apple Music will be in the Porsche Taycan built-in, This is not Carplay, but an independent integration of the music streaming service from Apple. On the Porsche touchscreen, Apple Music subscribers can take advantage of the offer via a three-year free in-car Internet connection. According to the manufacturer, the Taycan is the first vehicle to offer full integration with Apple Music.

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The user can use Apple Music to select a specific song, album, playlist or radio station via the Porsche Voice Assistant. In addition, Porsche has put together their own playlists, which are available via Apple Music.

The Porsche sets up a data connection for streaming – in the first three years, the Internet connection is free. The vehicle has an external LTE antenna. If you are not yet a subscriber to Apple Music, you can use Apple Music for up to half a year free of charge.

The Taycan also supports Apple Carplay, but an iPhone is needed that needs to be connected to the car by cable. Of course, music can also be heard or the navigation can be started or telephoned.

The Porsche Taycan will be officially launched in September 2019 and will be available at the end of the year. A price is not yet available.

Dashboard of the Porsche Taycan (Image: Porsche)