Streaming platform: Apache Kafka 2.6 promises higher performance

The Apache Software Foundation has officially released version 2.6 of Apache Kafka. The update of the Message Broker, which is designed for real-time processing of large amounts of data, contains not only a number of bug fixes, but also various improvements that promise higher performance for users. In addition, the release also includes new functions such as client quota APIs in the Admin Client.

The one in the Kafka Improvement Proposal KIP-546 Measures formulated to improve quota management in the Admin Client include other client quota APIs that the development team has now added in Kafka 2.6. While quotas could previously be mapped to any combination of user and customer, users have the native API and the new command line tool now the possibility to make more detailed settings. Quota configuration entries, for example, can be edited more easily and it is easier to define which entries should be added, updated or, if necessary, removed.

Among other things, Kafka installations where the broker has to deal with a large number of partitions should benefit from the measures to improve performance. The team noticeably improved the broker’s shutdown performance by delaying access to the offset and time index. In addition, impairments caused by the use of compression at the producers are said to have been reduced. Working with Access Control Lists (ACL) should run faster and also use less memory. In addition, the memory usage in other areas of the broker has also been reduced.

The video provides a compact overview of Apache Kafka 2.6

Kafka 2.6 is now also ready for Java 14 and with a view to Release 3.0, work is evidently progressing, ZooKeeper is complete to be replaced by a self-managed metadata quorum. The newly integrated raft protocol is already available for an initial assessment.

Provide more details and a complete overview of all new features the Confluent blog post announcing the new version such as the release notes for Apache Kafka 2.6.


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