Stronger than you think: Razer Phone 2 Coming

The company Razer, who has been in the hearts of the players with special equipment, is confronted with the new version of the ultra powerful phone.

We are a long way from the Razer name. We are used to player equipments, expensive mouse and keyboard sets.

Razer has announced that it will integrate the 'RGB Illumination' system, which is identified with itself in the past days, to the phone, proving to be the latest in AnTuTu tests.

You have no intention of losing behind the Razer's opponents, as you can see, even the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks stronger than ever before. The Razer Phone 2, which is going to go on the market with a solid game performance, powerful hardware and unfortunately again at an expensive price, seems to at least give its money for the first time.


            Razer Phone 2 Comes With RGB Illumination