Stunning Bitcoin (BTC) prediction from PayPal authority!

Wences Casares, the most recent board member of PayPal and CEO of Xapo, believes it would be a wrong decision for investors not to have Bitcoin ( BTC ) in their portfolios. According to the CEO, a balanced portfolio with Bitcoin in the future may have a major impact on the overall performance of the investment strategy.

PayPal authority: 900 Bitcoin should invest up to 1% of the portfolio. Bir

He said Bitcoin should get one percent of every investment portfolio. If there is a $ 10 million portfolio, 1% should be allocated to Bitcoin. According to Casares, this is very important because it carries a very low risk compared to the high returns it can provide.

Investing $ 100,000 to Bitcoin (1% of a $ 10 million portfolio) investors get a $ 25 million return in a few years they will. If Bitcoin falls to zero, the funds lost will not change the overall performance of the portfolio. However, if Bitcoin succeeds, it may have a huge impact on the funds it manages. CEO commented:

Bitcoin offers a unique opportunity to achieve a material result. Because the risk of losing the capital is very realistic, you should not make a payment to Bitcoin which you cannot afford to lose.

Bill Miller, a well-known investor in the market, decided to place 1% of its portfolio in Bitcoin. he gave. He did this in July 2017. After a few months, however, the company took a 50% share of Bitcoin due to the price increase in a short period of time. However, in January 2018, Bitcoin entered a bear market that lasted more than a year and lost more than 80% of Bitcoin's value. Other digital assets fell by more than 90% in the same period

Casares believes that Bitcoin is an intellectual experiment and may ultimately fail. Therefore, he recommends that only 1% of his portfolio be invested in Bitcoin. If the price drops to zero, the impact will be small in this type of portfolio. At the moment, Wences Casares says there are more than 60 million people with Bitcoin and in the future there will be more than 1 million people.


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