Stunning Video Showing How COVID-19 Spreads To The World

A Reddit user has created a heat map that shows how the new type of coronavirus COVID-19 has spread worldwide since late January. The stunning map reveals the infectious power of the deadly epidemic with all its nudity.

An Edward-EFHIII user name that uses data shared by Johns Hopkins University in the United States (USA) Reddit usernew type of coronavirus that has killed nearly 10 thousand people to date Covidien-19Created a heat map following the spread of the world.

On January 23, in Hubei province of China Wuhan Starting from the city, the map shows how the virus spread to other continents in the next eight weeks. Providing a striking perspective on the rate of occurrence of coronavirus cases on a daily basis heat maponce again reveals the severity of the epidemic.


Purple dots on the map are confirmed worldwide COVID-19 cases is showing. While the green dots refer to the healing patients, the red reflects the cases that lost their lives.

The Reddit user made the video by writing a web-based program with P5.js and then OBS He says that he turned it into animation by recording with. Daily data contained in in accordance with the region's coordinates Indicating that it was distributed randomly, the user says that he prefers to follow such a path, since each case does not have its actual position.


Pharmaceutical Giant Sanofi Treated 24 COVID-19 Patients Using Malaria

Worldwide since COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan, China, last December from 9000 took many lives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, 85,845 of the 226,361 infected people were treated. As of yesterday, the number of cases in our country had increased to 191 and the number of deaths to 2. Today, the cause of death of former Land Forces Commander Aytaç Yalman is COVID-19. It was finalized.

Video showing how COVID-19 has spread worldwide

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