Sugar can save people's lives with this method

Researchers have developed a sugar-working method for the detection and prevention of diseases. As a result, a sensor that monitors the biological signals given by the diseases and the sugar in your body has been developed as a fuel. The key to this is our health. Recent research by the researchers at Washington State University can ensure that sugar can be used for the first time in a beneficial way to human health. Yes, you did not read it incorrectly; Candy can save your life in the future.

Assoc. Dr. The team, led by Subhanshu Gupta, developed a sensor that we know as sugar and use glucose as a biofuel in our body.

Normally, bio-sensors used to detect diseases cannot be used for long periods of time because their energies run out quickly. This is the biggest problem of bio-sensors. In addition, most of these sensors can be used on the skin. Briefly, it is almost impossible to find the sensor technology that will be injected into your body and will work continuously. For example, our fingers are still punctured to detect and measure diabetes. What if there is a sensor that can measure your blood for life? Undoubtedly, most diseases could be detected at the initial stage.

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