Supergirl Incorporated in DC Cinematic Universe

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros are planning to make a new movie to Supergirl after 30 years of age.

Some of DC's characters have not yet been included in the current cinematic universe. Although it is much more known than some characters in Supergirl because it is one of those characters and a TV series, it is not yet included in the cinematic drama with its own story and movie. However, according to recent reports, perhaps the character the director is bringing is to make use of the populace, DC and Warner Bros.

Since this possibility has begun to be discussed, there is debate as to how to reintegrate Supergirl into the DC Cinematic Universe, especially among DC fans. Especially after Superman has stopped working with Justice Leauge, Supergirl's place in the story is also highly curious.


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If there is a successful story that can be easily integrated into the cinematic revolution, and Supergirl finds space again on the white screen with his own film, this film will be Supergirl's first film after 30 years. The details of the work on the film have not yet been shared, but it is very unlikely that Warner Bros. and DC is expected to start the project.