Supportive words for Bitcoin from the money wizard Mark Mobius

Another major investor used supporting expressions, acknowledging that it was a use case for Bitcoin.

Mark Mobius, the legendary investor who co-founder of Mobius Capital Partners, said in an interview with Bloomberg: there is definitely a desire to transfer money in a way. Therefore, I believe that Bitcoin and other currencies like him will always be alive and in good condition. Al

Mobius said that he had never invested in crypto money, ına because it is incredibly volatile and at the end of the day, he will follow what is happening You cannot watch a person, group, or organization. leton

Mobius, with over $ 750 billion of assets under his leadership, has worked at Templeton, one of the world's largest asset managers, as well as the World Bank's Global Corporate Governance Forum investor in 1999. responsibility was co-chaired by the task force. Legendary investor's investments in major companies in Turkey.

On the other hand, 82-year-old name, Bitcoin is not the only legendary investor recently came up with supportive explanations. The Swiss famous investor Marc Faber, who recently answered Erkan Özinis questions, said that Blockchain technology was very interesting and that Bitcoin2 could become a standard here. Faber also announced that he has invested some money into Bitcoin

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