Surprise Eggs in Captain Marvel Movie

Captain Marvel was finally a guest on the big screen. The film was full of Marvel's references to various media.

Captain Marvel, which changed the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was full of surprises, as was the case with his predecessors. In the film Captain Marvel, there were references to the iconic scenes, sometimes seen in other comics, from time to time.

Warning: You have to watch the film to be able to see these submissions and surprise eggs. So, let's take the news to the other news for the ones who haven't seen the film yet.

Brie Larson's cover poses:

Captain Marvel wearing his pilot jacket on his uniform, correcting his glove on a stage, and sending the mohawk to the comic strips that appeared when his uniform completely closed. Some of his poses are directly related to the iconic covers and squares of comics.


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Kelly Sue DeConnick at the train station:

This sister, who's looking strange to Carol at the train station, for years, Ms. Known as Marvel, Carol is a true Marvel writer who makes Captain Marvel. For many years he has been writing for the publishing house.

Stan Lee gives life to himself this time:

Lee, who plays a kind of scout in other films, takes on different roles in the card zampar in a completely different galaxy than in the alien barber, plays himself in this film. Stan Lee, who met with Carol on the subway train said, li Believe me, really believe. Mall In 1995, Lee is writing the screenplay for Mallrats, in which he starred himself. Considering that Captain Marvel passed in 1995, we can say that it is a very effective scene.

(Brie Larson may not be starring in the film, but the only scene she herself stares at Stan Lee and smiling.)

The opening video dedicated to Stan Lee in the film was also great

Project Pegasus carried out with NASA and US employability:

We have seen the history of the Pegasus Project, which was blown up by Loki in the first Avengers movie. After Carol and Mar-Vell, researchers from around the world continued to tamper Tesseract with this project.


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Who is Lieutenant Başbelası?

Lt. Trouble or Lieutenant Bulk, a little girl named Katherine, Kit Baş Renner in comics. Renner, who was a big fan of Captain Marvel, was a true side character whose dreams were true when he met Denvers.

Infinite Sadness: A non-marvel posting

Infinite Sadness is the title of Envy Adams in the comic book Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Brie Larson played this character in the film.


Maria Rambeau, Carol's close friend and the other pilot, was Photon, nicknamed the flight. This name is also known as Monica Rambeu's superhero name in comics. Probably the little girl we see in the movie is going to bring Photon to life. Because Monica, who was a child in 1995, will be one of the new heroes of the Avengers: Endgame and later.

Infiltrate the worlds and invade:

This is a reference to the Skrulls' number one battle technique, and at the same time sending them to the story of the r Secret Invasion savaş that comic book fans are waiting for with great interest. Whether or not we see the Skrull as an invader, that story will be reflected on the curtain is another matter of course.

Gray – Green:

Monica is choosing a color for Carol's outfit. This is a reference to Kree warriors' standard costume in comics. Mar-Vell was wearing this costume for a while. Already the majority of the color options on the stage are referring to the comic book costumes



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The Origin of Avengers:

The Avengers name came from Carol's air force nickname ler Avenger [andwelearnedthatCaptainAmericawasn'tthefirstAvengersteaminthecomicbookbutlet'ssaywedidCarol'snicknamefortheflightincomicsCheeseburgerAvengerchangewasagoodchoice

The Right Stuff

We saw Carol choose a movie in the blockbuster video Blockbuster Video, which was blown away when it fell to Earth. The film called The Right Stuff tells the story of the first astronauts. This film might be the production of Carol found himself as a pilot.


The appearance of the cosmic force on Captain Captain Marvel's footsteps on the stage in which Carol Danvers chased the accusers of Kree alone was a version of the comic book called Binary


Nick Fury and his letter B obsession

Nick Fury likes places that begin with B. Previously he had been accused of obeying orders in Bogota. The guy really has a connection to the B, but we don't know what it is.

Terminator Vers:

A reference to the legendary science-fiction film Terminator, stealing clothes and driving the motorcycle over the mannequin. As a result, the Terminator was a classic of the '90s.