SWIFT Manager: Blockchain

Lisa O'Connoor, a SWIFT executive, said in a recent interview that Blockchain technology would not be a panacea

. Lisa O'Connor recently gave an exclusive interview with CNBC's Ran Neuner

One of the largest payment networks worldwide, SWIFT allows small and large-scale banks to trade between them. However, according to O'Connor's statement, this is not the only function of SWIFT

O'Connor, who says SWIFT currently has more than 11,000 members worldwide, said the sole function of this payment network is not to conduct currency transactions between banks. 19659006] O'Connor spoke briefly about the role of SWIFT in the global financial system and talked about distributed recording technology (DLT), one of the most important technologies of our time today. for the time being, he exhibited a 45 selective attitude ır . Here is a section of his description of the topic:

’As SWIFT, we are investigating whether DLT can solve major business problems. But we don't think DLT will be a panacea. ’

Stating that Blockchain technology can contribute to the development of the financial sector, OainConnor emphasized that SWIFT is already collaborating with Blockchain consortiums like R3.