Swisscom: Expansion of 5G network stalls due to opponents' moratoria

The protests in Switzerland hinder the further expansion of 5G. The explained Swisscom on April 30, 2020. "Due to current restrictions such as moratoriums in individual cantons, the expansion of the mobile network and thus the creation of urgently needed capacities for both 4G and 5G is stalling."

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In the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, different organizations A moratorium on 5G was enforced: As long as no studies from independent sources are available, no new mobile radio systems may be built. Opponents are demanding a nationwide 5G moratorium until it is legally clarified whether the 5G network does not need a building permit overall and until the possible ones "Consequences of non-ionizing radiation, of adaptive antennas, finally examined by an independent body and declared as harmless".

Proponents objectthat the limits for radiation from mobile phone antennas would be regulated in the Ordinance on Protection against Non-Ionizing Radiation (NISV). Their limit values ​​are around ten times lower than in neighboring countries and would also have to be observed by the 5G antennas.

According to Swisscom, consequential damages such as "Data Columns and Data Jam" only noticeable in the future. In addition, the current situation of the corona pandemic shows just how important the constant expansion is to be able to react flexibly to complete changes in use. "Politicians and authorities have a duty to create the conditions for the expansion of the networks and for a mobile radio infrastructure that will continue to be efficient in the future. This is essential for the functioning of Swiss society and the economy."said Swisscom.

Swisscom is introducing 5G on various frequencies: the 1,800 and 2,100 MHz frequencies are more suitable for coverage and the 3,500 MHz frequency offers high capacity and speed, but not a large coverage. "That's why we differentiate between 5G Fast – large data throughput, small coverage – and 5G Wide – Switzerland-wide 5G coverage with lower data throughput"said Swisscom spokeswoman Sabrina Hubacher in April 2019.

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