Switch Sales to Turkey Nintendo Quits

Nintendo's distributor in Turkey that makes the CD Media's country manager Levent Eroğlu gave the good news: Nintendo is coming to our country at the end of the Switch.

Nintendo, a company with a unique bone mass. It is one of the few console manufacturers who have been able to do their utmost to keep customer scale wide. Nintendo, who stumbled with the WiiU after a big leap with the Wii, did not come back like a bomb with the Switch.

What makes the Nintendo Switch so successful? The answer is simple: Nintendo's modern metaphysics are incredibly successful. It is a genius idea to combine the fixed structure of consoles with a mobile one, where today's mobile players experience golden days and nobody has lowered their mobile devices. This idea combined with console-specific games such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, which Nintendo is approaching almost half a century later, made the console a success.

Unfortunately, what I have mentioned so far has been of interest to a certain audience. As a matter of fact, although this magnificent console is sold for 300 dolars abroad, it is almost impossible to find below 2,000 TL in our country. You receive both non-guaranteed products and you do not have official Nintedo support. Now let's fix, saying: 'You did not.'

CD Media As of today's Turkey responsible Levent Eroğlu shared an excellent news. he knows the players very closely 'loading' Switch out the motto was announced arrival in Turkey.

If the price is 1400 pounds on the current exchange rate, the switch will be covered with great interest if it can be sold in our country for 1,500 TL band. Maybe it is not as big as Sony, but it could be a serious success if Nintendo adds bone mass to passionate masses of mobile games.


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