Syrian Hacker Network was precipitated in Turkey

Gendarmerie teams in Istanbul caught a group of 13 Syrian hackers. Syrians targeting Forex and stock exchange companies had earned around 30 million TL in unfair earnings so far. This money, which the Syrian hackers did not own because of their fears, was transferred to the treasury.

Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command carried out a rather strange operation. come as refugees to Turkey, which has become a crime network 13-person hacker group law enforcement officers took action to capture Syrian hackers. But what’s interesting is that hackers because of their fears was what they did.

Syrian hackers were targeting forex and stock exchange companies. Hackers who take advantage of the security vulnerabilities they find huge coins conveyingsomehow they managed to hide. The crime organization caught in the operations carried out, the captured in the place where they were caught 30 million TL They did not own the foreign currency and gold around them out of fear.

“We don’t know, it doesn’t belong to us”

Syrian hackers

Syrian hackers are cornering the companies with which they access their systems with threats and blackmail, extra earnings was providing. Moreover, computer hackers who open an account on their behalf by reaching out to refugees in Turkey, so they thought they were disguising themselves as well. Moreover, the criminal organization, which conducts all the interviews in Arabic, that they will not be understood they were thinking. However, Turkish law enforcement agencies managed to uncover the footage of the hackers.


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Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams during their searches 1 million 850 thousand euros, 1 million 200 thousand dollars and pounds of gold they seized. The hackers, who gave up their earnings until today upon the question of the gendarmerie, said that they were unaware of the amount of around 30 million TL. It is not known how many people are victims of cybercrime, and hackers do not own this money, so law enforcement be transferred to the treasury they explained.

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