T-Mobile US: Telekom wants to pay a few billion less for Sprint

Deutsche Telekom plans to renegotiate Deutsche Telekom's purchase of Sprint, the US mobile operator. The British report Financial Times and the news agency Bloomberg relying on two people familiar with the matter at Telekom. Telekom wants to reduce the price for the takeover, Sprint owner Softbank rejects this.

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Sprint shareholders controlled a third of the combined company, but Sprint’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) remained almost unchanged, while T-Mobile US’s value increased by about a fifth. The value of the offer has risen from $ 59 billion in 2018 to now including Sprint's debt to $ 74 billion, Telekom argues.

T-Mobile US has the option to completely withdraw from the acquisition as the contract officially expired at the end of last year due to the long regulatory delay in the United States.

Spokesmen for Deutsche Telekom and Sprint did not want to comment on the report. The Japanese Telekom Softbank Group owns almost 85 percent of Sprint's shares. Telekom holds more than 63 percent of T-Mobile US.

Judge Victor Marrero dismissed the US lawsuit earlier this week against T-Mobile US 'purchase of Sprint. Over a dozen states had filed a lawsuit against the acquisition of Sprint for $ 26.5 billion, which is expected to bring together the third and fourth largest US mobile operators. Marrero concluded that the merger "competition is unlikely to decrease significantly",

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