Table Detection Feature Arrives From Microsoft Excel

Microsoft has introduced one of the most functional updates for the mobile version of Excel in recent years. You can now take a photo of each table you see and transfer it to Excel as an editable table.

You see a table, a scientific article or a report in a book, and you want to digitize it in a report. To do this, you need to open Excel and run the table individually. Especially if it is necessary to apply formulas in the table, things become more complicated.

Microsoft introduced a handy update to Excel, taking advantage of the basic artificial intelligence software. You can take a picture of any printed table and make it editable in Excel in seconds.

The feature that eliminates the problem of manually entering data is available in the Android version of Excel. To do this, you need to do the following:

We touch the ist Insert Data From Picture dijital or li Input Data from Photo ekran feature in the Excel application, and we take a picture of the table we want to digitize.

We set the definition area for Excel by cutting and cropping the photo we took. Then, when we proceed, the application will digitize the table in the photo within seconds. We can make changes on this table as we wish, we can customize according to our request.

Microsoft will soon offer the feature to devices with iOS operating systems.