TAI will be the 15th biggest industrial defense company in the world

TAI General Manager Temel Kotil, the TAI within 10 years of their goals the world's largest 15.savun the industry said it was making the request. [19659002] TAI (Turkey Aviation and Space Industry) General Manager Temel Kotil, the TAI among the goals In 10 years, the world's 15th largest defense industry to make the company, he said. Speaking at the Turkish Aeronautical and Industrial Management Summit, Kotil gave information about the projects carried out by the company.

National Combat Aircraft to take off in 2023

Kotil stating that the National Combat Airplane will come out of the hangar in 2023, announced that in 2029 the delivery of this aircraft will be started, while the prototype studies continued, and Hürjet will be in the skies in 2022.

Temel Kotil stated that the T70 helicopter will begin to fly in 2020 and Gökbey will start in 2020, while Atak-2 helicopters will take off in 2024.

Collaboration with THY required

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir emphasized that there should be a definite cooperation between TUSAŞ and THY and that the partnerships with other organizations should be evaluated within the scope of corporations and partnerships. [19459005]             ASELSAN has tripled its profit in the last two years

Oğuz Borat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TUSAŞ stated that there are currently 8,000 employees and that this number will reach 15 thousand after 10 years.