Tariff changeover: Congstar causes confusion with accidental emails

The Telekom subsidiary Congstar accidentally sent an email to customers announcing a tariff change. In fact, only people who use the “9 cent flex” tariff are affected. The company made this clear in a Twitter post.

In the mail, Congstar explained to customers that their tariff “9 cent flex” would be changed to “congstar wie ich want Flex”. This message apparently went to subscribers of all Congstar tariffs. In the Twitter post, Congstar apologized for the confusion this created. Meanwhile, Congstar also informs about the error in the forum with a notice.

Those who have not subscribed to the tariff mentioned do not have to expect a change and can ignore the mail. In a forum post, a community manager from Congstar explains, the accidentally sent mail caused “many, many thousands of inquiries” from customer service. Both the chat and the hotline are massively overloaded as a result. Numerous confused users also speak up on Twitter and in the Congstar forum. Some write that they even terminated their contract in confusion.

“We made a major mistake and accidentally sent an email to far too many customers,” wrote Congstar in the forum post. “Actually, 99% are not affected. If you don’t have a 9 cent tariff, nothing will be changed in the tariff and everything will remain as usual.”

According to forum posts, the incorrectly sent message even went to customers of fraenk, PennyMobil and ja! Mobil – these providers cooperate with Congstar, but their tariffs are not directly part of the portfolio of the Telekom subsidiary.


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