Tarihe 10 Foreign Series You Can Witness

If you want to read more about history but if you do not have the time, there is an option left: Watching the series!

These series, which even those who are bored in history lessons will enjoy, have many details about the past. Which is your favorite?

Peaky Blinders

The newly emerged England from the First World War has been involved with various gangs operating illegally. One of them is Peaky Blinders, who earns money with robbery and horse racing. The gang who saved the slaughter by bribing the policemen would make a mistake in a robbery, causing a new inspector to trouble himself


Rome, one of HBO's successful projects, nominated many nominations, including Golden Globe and Emmy; The Roman Empire under the control of Julius Caesar brings the struggles in Gaul and Egypt to the inside of the country.


8. The series in the 19th-century Scandinavia brings Ragnar Lothbrok and his family's story into a screen that turns into a courageous warrior with a simple farmer. While watching the test of the sea with the merciless and fearless men of Ragnar, who believed that the God of War came from Odin's line, warlike and merchant tribes, we are witnessing the Vikingler's little-studied intriguing culture. The story of the series, which can be described as a historical drama, is based on real European legends and historical figures.


The first project on the National Geographic Channel's screenplay, Genius, is a documentary series that will bring the world's most successful scientists and their fascinating stories to the screens every season.

Da Vinci's Demons

Da Vinci's turbulent life, the series that will focus on the youth period, is preparing to bring untold stories to the screen. The story in Renaissance Italy is another view of Leonarda Da Vinci as a creative artist, a person who is described as an imaginative lover and idealistic man.

The Tudors

Jonathan Ryhs Meyers VIII. The Tudors, which we watch as Henry, show the entrances of the British royal dynasty, love games and political contests …

Downton Abbey

Grantham Count Thinking that Robert Crawley lived a happy life with his family, everything changed in April 15, 1912, with the Titanic crashing into the iceberg, so that he would not be like his old man again. The Crawley family lost two members in a collision


An impressive picture of Victoria's 18-year-old story, surrounded by love, passion, betrayal, and political plays, waking up as a new queen of the Great Biryani from an early morning morning

Marco Polo

The series that brought the youthful years of the famous Venetian traveler to the screens, passes in the 13th century China, ruled by Kublai Khan … Our hero, who is in the middle of political reckons in a geography that he does not know, is trying to protect the emperor of Kublai Khan. Making the Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy's lead; Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Italy.


"Versailles" is the subject of Louis XIV, the king of France, and in 1667, the powerful king of France, Louis Louis XIV, decided to build the world's largest palace, Versailles. George Paul Blagden is portraying Louis 114. The director's roster of actors also includes names such as Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman, Evan Williams, Elisa Lasowski, Joe Sheridan, etc.