Tax Exemption For Those Who Produced At Home And Sell Online

During the pandemic period, many people started producing and selling things at home in order to generate additional income. Income tax exemption up to 220 thousand TL came for those who produce at home and sell their products online.

During the pandemic One of the changing habits was the way people do business. During this period, many people started to sell the products they produced in their homes on the internet. In addition, many of our citizens are already the main source of income. produce at home They were the products they sold on the internet.

Presented to the Parliament yesterday Law Proposal Amending Unemployment Insurance Law and Some Laws An article in it will make these people smile. According to the 10th article in the proposal, people who sell the things they produce at home on the internet will have tax exemption up to 220 thousand TL.

No income tax on home sales

online sales

Persons mentioned in the law, Up to 220 thousand TL will not pay income tax. If they exceed this figure, they will have to pay an income tax of 4%. Law own producers only brokers and tradesmen will be excluded from the tax exemption.

Earnings from exports of goods 50% of it can also be deducted from income by declaring in the income tax return. The employment status of businesses willing to benefit from this discount will also be examined.


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In the focus of the package Covid-19 It aims to find solutions to employment problems during its period and to increase employment by providing tax exemption to businesses. Under the law proposal More than 20% of businesses to be offered to the public A 2-point reduction from corporate tax will be available for 5 years. The President will have the authority to lower this tax by 5 points.

Chance to benefit from peace of being

internet sale


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Tradesmen Ahi Fund It would be implemented from 2021. With the new regulation, this deduction To 2024 It was announced that it was delayed until. In addition, those who bring their gold, money and foreign currency investments to the country peace of being will be covered and will not be subject to tax scrutiny.

Securities and stocksCapital market instruments such as i will be able to be brought to our country within this scope. Income and corporate tax payers, but that they have business to take place in Turkey in the records of money, gold, foreign exchange, securities and capital instruments that can record the legal books.

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