Taxis, Traffic, Empty Blank Trips

With a new regulation prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, innovation in many areas is underway. With the regulation introduced, taxis are prevented from running around and low emission areas are established.

A new period begins with the new regulation published in the Official Gazette. According to the new rules called bak Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Transportation olarak by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, municipalities and relevant ministries will work jointly to monitor fuel consumption and use eco-friendly vehicles. Especially the traffic intensities experienced during the beginning and ending of the work will be re-evaluated within this scope. Arrangements can be made during business hours and the working condition will be realized if necessary.

The new regulation is not limited to the work to be done. In order to encourage electric cars, necessary infrastructures will be created in streets and streets. Electric or hybrid motorists will be able to charge their cars here. The pedestrians will be closed to vehicle traffic or allowed to enter certain vehicles.

Low emission area zones will be announced in cities with the studies to be carried out. These regions will be determined by the joint efforts of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and municipalities. In these areas, each vehicle will not be allowed to pass or pay a certain fee during peak traffic. Alternative route routes will be determined for vehicles prohibited from the region and vehicles will be directed to those routes. If the prohibitions are violated, the criminal procedure will be applied.

In the regulation published, there is also a development that is closely related to the taxi drivers. With this regulation, taxis will not be able to travel in traffic. Outside the stops, they will be forbidden to wait and taxis will be created with special pockets.

In addition to this, the annual consumption data will be communicated to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources by the relevant municipalities. Driver courses will also provide students with information on clean environment and economic driving. The work to be completed will be completed within 3 years and this regulation will literally enter our lives.