Teamviewer, Dell, Github: Anything else?

Teamviewer control for Android devices: The Teamviewer remote control software now offers remote access including active control and keyboard input for Android devices as well.

Job market

  1. ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt, Nuremberg
  2. Munich Reinsurance Company Aktiengesellschaft in Munich, Munich

Mouse co-inventor died: The engineer William English died at the age of 91, like The Register reports. Together with Doug Engelbart, English invented the computer mouse and constructed the first model.

Dell Solves XPS 17 Unloading Problem: Dell is said to have a problem with the new notebook XPS 17 9700 have solved and wants to replace affected devices. This also discharges under heavy load if it is connected to a power source with the supplied weak power pack. Most recently, the company had classified the error as wanted.

Github against phishing: Code hoster Github strengthens its anti-phishing activities and prevents future use of the rest of the API only with a password. Instead, tokens must be used. Similar things will also be implemented in the future with Git operations, for example via SSH keys or OAuth.

Ubisoft plans movie for the game: The second part of the action game Beyond Good & Evil has not been seen for a long time – but a film is still to be made. That wants according to Hollywood reporter turn Ubisoft’s production company for Netflix, directed by Rob Letterman (master detective Pikachu).

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