Technical problems: Flixbus restarts the electric remote bus line

Munich-based Flixbus is the only company in Germany to connect to an electric long-distance bus. The pilot project between Mannheim and Frankfurt with the vehicle of a Chinese manufacturer had repeatedly given technical problems, the coach said on Wednesday, according to news agency dpa. As the manufacturer BYD does not provide local technical support, trips were canceled again and again. Three months ago, Flixbus still had "three successfully launched E-Fernbussen" spoken,

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Flixbus think about alternative connections for electric long-distance buses in Germany, the spokesman said. However, suitable manufacturers were missing in this country. An E-Fernbus must be able to travel with a battery charge best 300 to 400 kilometers. "The loading times are otherwise too long in operation"said the spokesman. Currently, fuel cell or biogas buses, which could be used from 2020 or 2021, are currently being focused on alternative drives.

Flixbus had started the test drives with the model C9 of the Chinese manufacturer BYD in October 2018. According to Flixbus, the bus was twice as expensive as a diesel-powered vehicle, which is also much more fuel-efficient than the electric version. The vehicle should be charged once or twice a day and use green electricity from partner Greenpeace Energy. The charging stations had been set up both in Frankfurt am Main and in Mannheim. The bus loaded parallel with two charging plugs à 40 kilowatt,

Two months ago, Flixbus announced that it would put a fuel-cell powered bus into service. According to the information Flixbus should thus be the first company worldwide, which uses such a bus in the long-distance bus traffic. Partner in the project is the technology company Freudenberg Sealing Technologies from Weinheim in Baden-Württemberg.

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