Telecom hunts funk holes: 624 applications for 50 vacancies

For her action "We hunt dead spots" Deutsche Telekom has received 624 applications from 539 municipalities in 13 federal states. That was the company on December 4, 2019 known, But for the action there are only 50 seats available.

Job market

  1. REVIDERM AG, Sauerlach near Munich
  2. BG-Phoenics GmbH, Munich

In the last week of the application phase alone, Telekom received around 250 applications. Especially many came from Rhineland-Palatinate (133), followed by North Rhine-Westphalia (95) and Bavaria (70). A total of 624 applications were received, as some municipalities reported several districts.

The expansion in mobile communications is delayed, according to Bitkom "most often by"that no suitable locations for mobile stations are available. In about 537 places the network operators lack suitable land or buildings. A sluggish site vote also delays 285 expansion projects. Essentially, this involves the preparation of complex building applications for mobile radio sites.

Lengthy approval procedures are currently slowing down the expansion in another 374 cases. According to Bitkom, these are public permits based on construction and nature conservation law as well as monument protection. There are also another 71 expansion projects with delays for other reasons.

The last-minute application at Telekom came from the Brandenburg Temnitztal. She arrived on November 30 at 11:55 pm, five minutes before the end.

"'We hunt dead spots' shows that mobile phone expansion can be different if everybody pulls together"said Walter Goldenits, chief technology officer of Telekom Germany. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment from the applicant municipalities. Now it is time to select the winners and put LTE into operation there as quickly as possible.

The first municipalities would probably receive in the first quarter of 2020, a LTE mobile tower of Telekom. By the end of 2020, all 50 radio holes will be closed. The Rhineland-Palatinate community Vielbach is the first winner of the action. Another 18 municipalities have already been selected. They still lacked the signature under the lease for the property on which the future mobile phone location is to stand.

In the coming weeks the experts of the Telekom will examine the applications and then announce the 50 winners of the action.

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