Telecommunications surveillance: Federal government warns of restrictions for BND

The Federal Government warns the Federal Constitutional Court against restricting the surveillance powers of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND). In particular, the departments responsible for foreign and security policy are dependent on accurate and up-to-date information on the assessment of the situation, according to a 75-page statement for the Karlsruhe court, published by the dpa and news agency the mirror is present, A reduction of this information would accordingly "The ability of the Federal Government to act significantly deteriorate, particularly in crisis situations and when dealing with overarching danger phenomena",

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The court will hear next Tuesday and Wednesday about a lawsuit by the Reporters Without Borders organization and several journalists against the new BND law.

The new BND law came into force in early 2017. According to the plaintiffs, the federal government is thus legalizing global mass surveillance. The BND can listen to calls abroad and evaluate Internet traffic practically without restrictions.

Telecommunications education "indispensable"

The Federal Government, on the other hand, defends the foreign-foreign telecommunications reconnaissance in its written statement "indispensable instrument for the fulfillment of the legal mandate of the BND", It accounts for around 36 percent of all reports from the Technical Education department. This department contributed approximately half to the total intelligence of the German foreign intelligence service.

The eight complainants are supported by the Society for Freedom Rights (GFF), Reporters Without Borders and four other organizations. "The surveillance of journalists by the BND has a long and ominous tradition in Germany"said the federal chairman of the German Journalists' Association, Frank √úberall, to justify the lawsuit. "If politicians soothingly claim that the rights of journalists in Germany remain unaffected by the BND law, it is a farce."

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