Telekom: 30 million households with vectoring and FTTH achieved

These days, 30 million households will be connected by Telekom with fast Internet. That was the company known on August 22, 2019, "1.1 million of these households are prepared for connection to Telekom's fiber-optic network (FTTH) and can therefore use speeds of up to 1 GBit / s"said the company.

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On August 7, Telekom reported that 23 million households could receive Super Vectoring. Another 6.5 million households had simple vectoring available. The maximum download data rate is up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps) with simple vectoring and up to 40 Mbps when uploading. With Super Vectoring data rates of up to 250 MBit / s can be reached in the download and an upload of up to 40 MBit / s. At the end of May 2019, Deutsche Glasfaser had declared that it had supplied 500,000 households and, with just under 300,000 contract customers, had taken the top spot among FTTH providers (Fiber To The Home) in Germany.

Dirk Wössner, Telekom Board Member responsible for the German business, said: "That's why we chose a combination of vectoring and super vectoring as the bridge technology and FTTH."

In classical civil engineering, nationwide averages of around 70,000 euros per kilometer of glass fiber are the norm. New installation techniques such as trenching and flushing would therefore have to find more acceptance. The intelligent joint use of existing municipal infrastructure as well as above-ground fiber optic cables should become common, demanded the Telekom.