Terry Gou's iPhone 11 Outspoken Device iPhone XS Output

Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, sat on the agenda of social media with his iPhone in an activity he attended. Although the device was similar to the iPhone 11, it soon became apparent that this device was an iPhone XS with a holster.

Unexpected development when Apple was expected to announce iPhone 11 this year. Foxconn's CEO 'Terry Gou came out of the water. Terry Gou had an iPhone in his hand when he had a conversation at the event and it was claimed that the phone was an iPhone 11. In the video below, Terry Gou and his iPhone were in the hands of the media as soon as possible. He sat. When the rumors in the social media increased, Ben Geskin entered the business. . Geskin is the designer of the concepts we've come across on social media or inspired by many iPhone on the market today, 'says Geskin. After a great deal of research, Geskin announced that the device in his hand was the iPhone XS, and that the reason why we were mistaken is that Gou used a protective cover. Geskin shared a shipment from his Twitter account when he noticed that all of this was due to a sheath.

"Wrong alarm. This is just a Casetify case made for iPhone XS."