Tesla extends driving assistant with stop sign and traffic light recognition

The Tesla driver assistant, known as the autopilot, will be updated with the recognition of stop signs and traffic lights in the USA. If the driver activates the new function, the car slows down as soon as it recognizes a stop sign or a traffic light and then stops. According to the manufacturer, it is not necessary for the traffic light to function, since blinking, switched off or green traffic lights also trigger the process.

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According to the release notes, the software update distributed as "Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control" with the designation 2020.12.6 is a beta version that should be improved over time with the data collected. In the future, the system should behave more naturally and act according to the signals. The driver currently has to intervene manually if the car should not perform the announced speed reduction and stop at the line shown in the display when the function is activated electrek. All you need to do is briefly press the accelerator pedal or press the gear selector lever down once.

Tesla had already introduced the update in December and now according to the report started with the distribution. The extended traffic light and stop sign function was therefore already delivered to the "Early Access fleet" in March – a group of Tesla owners who are testing software in the beta phase. The function package for autonomous driving (full self-driving) is a prerequisite for the "traffic light / stop sign recognition with automatic stop / start" function, as it is called in the ordering process on the German website. According to reports, the company has not yet commented on the automatic start-up.

New autopilot software: The car now stops at a stop sign.

The version, which is initially limited to the USA, is to be available in other countries in the summer, on the German website Tesla arranges the time for "in the near future". Tesla further points out that the driver must be able to intervene at all times while the driver assistant is switched on.

The Roadster was Tesla's first production car, and the new model is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

(Image: Tesla)


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